Welcome to Stampede Leadership Camp!

Stampede Leadership Camp is a three-day experience for incoming students living within the residence halls. It's a great way for incoming students to find their place at the University of Colorado Boulder. Through service projects, campus resource presentations, and exciting, educational workshops, students are introduced to each other and campus. The stress-free, welcoming environment and small group exchanges prepare participants for their first year as a CU Buff and beyond!

In 2015, Stampede took place Friday, August 14 through Sunday, August 16 with a 10-hour requirement to volunteer during Fall Welcome.

Check out our website in Spring 2016 for updates about our application, tentative schedule, mentor information, old photos, and more.

Questions? Email Stampede@colorado.edu.


A note from the Director:
"My name is Aaron Chesler and I will be the camp director for 2015. A few things you should know about me is that I am going to be a junior this year studying political science, I am a huge proud nerd and I was a Stampeder two years ago. What I really hope to make this camp for this year is a way to immerse yourself in the campus and learn about how it is to live here before the academic year starts. The thing about attending university is that learning to navigate it isn't instant. You learn things slowly through trial and error. I remember friends finding out when dining halls are open the hard way by showing up just 15 minutes past closing. I know of even more friends that found out the hard way the fastest ways to get to class by arrive late to their first few ones. The most tragic are the stories of those that spend entire semesters without having the knowledge or confidence to find ways to be involved in what interest them. Stampede 2015 will be a head start on a first year at the University of Colorado, Boulder. We hope to connect students with their interest and give them the first steps of having a great first year."



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